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Florida State football, recruiting news: College power brokers eye professional sports

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Today’s news has a preseason feel to it.

Alabama State v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images


This is the absolute most important question posed anywhere this offseason — which ACC mascot would you bet your life on?

Half of our scheme team took a shot at breaking down the quarterback skills of James Blackman and Jordan Travis, FSU’s two returning scholarship quarterbacks. There are a lot of misconceptions out there on Blackman and truth be told, evaluating quarterbacks can be difficult. But I think they do a great job of clearing the air and laying out the strengths and weaknesses of both QBs.

After taking a deep dive into the dynasty offenses and defenses in Part 1 and 2, you knew this was coming but you can’t look away — in Part 3 our analytics team takes a look at the program success during FSU’s Lost Decade.

After firing defensive coordinator Vic Koenning, West Virginia, who is scheduled to open the season against FSU, will go with a committee approach to DC duties headlined by Jeff Casteel. Anyone else really hoping FSU gets to play this game?

ESPN writers took a shot at predicting the post-season All-ACC team. You see anything you disagree with?

College football needs a clear plan, from Nicole Auerbach and the Athletic (VIP):

A short but illuminating excerpt from the story on what CFB power brokers are looking at:

“We’ll learn some things from NFL preseason camps. If we see a spike when they get back to helmets and shoulder pads — that will be instructive,” Bowlsby said. “I have always thought that it would be good if we could move forward to the point of regular preseason camp to see what the experience is there, because that gives us the best look at what the regular season is going to be looking like.”

And so college football’s leaders now begin another week of waiting, watching and learning. Some might delay the start of their regular seasons to buy more time to do the same. They’re asking for patience, flexibility and more data before they make a call on whether it’s viable to play a fall college football season or not, entirely.

“You cannot look at things in a vacuum,” Aresco said. “If you shut it down, there are consequences. It’s easy to shut it down and say, ‘OK, I don’t have to worry about this now.’ Well, it’s not quite that simple, and these kids really, really want to play. Their parents haven’t objected, either. But they want to do it safely. If our medical people can put in safe protocols, we’ll give it a shot. If it doesn’t work, we’ll know it, and we’ll deal with it accordingly.”

A lot of pro teams are using bubbles to play safely — is that doable for college?

Dontae Lucas is fired up:

He’s gonna need it in practice cause Marvin Wilson is a wrecking ball:


The Tomahawk Nation Recruiting thread is always on. Florida State is staying hot on the trail.

Three-star offensive lineman Kimo Makaneole just committed — What does Makaneole excel at in this early stage of his career and where along the OL will he play at the collegiate level? Thankfully CoachAB has the answers, and he put together yet another excellent scouting report on Makaneole’s game.

Top 2022 FSU target, four-star QB Nicco Marchiol, showed off his stuff at a QB camp:

Tomahawk Nation interviewed Marchiol back in April about receiving an offer from Florida State.

Other Sports:

If you want to stay on top of FSU baseball, there’s no better guy on the beat than Brett Nevitt (@brettpn on Twitter):

FSU commit Bryce McGowens put on a show:

Re-live FSU Softball’s 2014 ACC title!


With NFL camp right around the corner all the rookie deals are being finished in a hurry, and Cam Akers’ is no exception:

Meanwhile, is Dalvin Cook going to hold out?

Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac talked about his return to the court:

Meanwhile, pro golfer Brooks Koepka still isn’t healthy:

Vince Williams is a pretty funny follow on Twitter: