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Florida State fighting for 2022 recruits

Fancy graphics make their way to some of FSU’s top prospects.

FSU’s coaching staff has been hard at work on the recruiting trail and while much of the focus has been on the Class of 2021, today offered a glimpse of their efforts beyond current high school seniors. September 1st serves as the day schools are officially allowed to send recruiting materials and electronic communications to prospects in the Class of 2022, and Florida State football went all out.

Starting at midnight, recruits started posting edits of themselves sent by the recruiting staff, some notably personalized around hometowns, legacies and more. It cannot be understated how much FSU has improved in their social media operations under Mike Norvell, and these graphics help to prove it.

Check out some of them below, along with our interviews and profiles on some of the players. If you want more on the Class of 2022, recruiting analyst NoleThruandThru hopped on our Seminole Wrap podcast this week to give some names to know.

Offensive Tackle Julian Armella

Linebacker Devin Smith

Offensive Tackle Aliou Bah

Quarterback Nicco Marichol

Wide Receiver Jaylen Ward

Wide Receiver Jaleel Skinner

(with bonus appearance by Florida State Seminoles basketball commit Bryce McGowens):

And a fellow SC receiver aiding the staff in recruiting Skinner, as well:

Cornerback Nikai Martinez

Defensive Back Laterrance Welch

Safety Devin Moore

Offensive Tackle Dayne Shor

Athlete Dallan Hayden

Defensive end Dante Anderson

Defensive End Marvin Jones Jr

Defensive back Earl Little Jr.

Defensive End Mykel Williams

Athlete Kody Jones

Safety Kamari Wilson

Tight End Donovan Green

Defensive End Francois Nolton Jr.

Wide Receiver Kevin Lamar Coleman Jr.

Offensive Lineman Kanaya Charlton

Linebacker Jaylen Sneed

Running Back James Jointer Jr.

Quarterback MJ Morris

Wide Receiver Kojo Antwi

Defensive End Kenyatta Jackson Jr.

Defensive End Malick Sylla

OL/DT Tyler Booker

Offensive Tackle Cameron Williams

Defensive End Aaron Hester

Cornerback Travis Hunter Jr.

Offensive Tackle Daughtry Richardson, Jr.

Cornerback Daylen Everette