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FSU Tyke Week: Seminoles recruiting sending “legend” graphics to former players

Some fancy fire from the recruiting department to former Noles

Florida State University Seminoles v University of Miami Hurricanses Photo by Florida State/Collegiate Images via Getty Images

Florida State Seminoles football recruiting is keeping busy during the bye week.

Today, plenty of former players, from recents like Lonnie Pryor Jr. and Chad Mavety to players like P.K. Sam who wore the garnet and gold before some current recruits were born.

“We’re at one of the most iconic programs in all of college football and to be able to run out of that tunnel and understand the standard that’s been set through the course of our program’s history … that’s something we embrace,” head coach Mike Norvell said two weeks ago during a Zoom press conference.

One of the cooler parts about the graphic campaign is that it isn’t just focused on the “big” names — players who had a role in the program’s success without being household names to the average fan also for the chance to be recognized, a nice bit of attention to detail.

Check out some of the graphics below — we’ll keep updating as more are spotted.