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Florida State football, recruiting news: Reviewing what went wrong

Mike Norvell will address the media today.

Don Juan Moore

Florida State is a repeat top-20 public university in the country:


The latest episode of Tomahawk Nation’s Seminole Wrap podcast is out on what went wrong against Georgia Tech. This is beyond the two instant reaction podcasts and adds perspective with a little more time between us and the game. Trey Rowland guest stars.

To pair with that is the first post-game edition of our Four Verticals series. Our scheme team dives deep into the game, analyzing gameplans and what happened schematically and with personnel.

Head Coach Mike Norvell had his Week 2 call-in show and discussed the season-opening loss. Norvell will address the media later today, and hopefully we can get an injury update, including on Joshua Kaindoh.

Bookmark our scheme analysis and education stream, as well as our total overview of practice reports and player and coach interviews.

ESPN writer David Hale had some comments and useful perspective about FSU:

FSU will be playing rival Miami in primetime.


Like that one loyal friend, our Recruiting Thread is always here to keep you up to date with the latest recruiting news.

FSU’s recruiting department sent out “legend” graphics for many former players, which is pretty cool.

Blue-chip 2022 quarterback Nicco Marchiol listed his top 8 and described how FSU is pitching him.

Marcus Allen — no, not that Marcus Allen — picked up an offer from Florida State. Allen is a Class of 2022 cornerback with great size.

2023 defensive tackle prospect Jordan Renaud also received an offer from FSU.

Other Sports:

Fun dunk by Matthew Cleveland:

FSU commit Bryce McGowens says goodbye:


’Noles in the NFL — This series returns with updates on Week 1 of the NFL. There are a dizzying amount of alumni in the league and we’ve got you updated on them all.

Pretty cool: