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Florida State football, recruiting news: Brush up on your FSU vs. Miami history

Plus, another player transfers out.

Florida State v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images


Florida State Seminoles football recruiting kept up its new tradition of wishing well to some of the players from the area of that week’s opponent:

Head to our FSU recruiting thread if you haven’t today — we added some updates last night, and as always, our recruiting staff is ready to answer any questions on your mind.


Offensive tackle Jay Williams is headed to the transfer portal.

We spoke with defensive ends coach and special teams coordinator John Papuchis yesterday, as well as defensive back Renardo Green and linebacker Emmett Rice.

FSU vs. Miami is a rivalry that runs deep — something that’s been exemplified by a series that’s seen nearly half of its matchups decided by a touchdown or less. Catch up on the history of the series.

A little Vince Williams for your Thursday viewing pleasure:



Florida State baseball is back — and our Brett Nevitt has the inside scoop, complete with a Mike Martin Jr. interview.

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Florida State junior runner Paul Stafford was named the Men’s ACC Cross Country Performer of the Week.