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Florida State signee analysis: Offensive lineman Rod Orr scouting report

FSU gets a four star from Alabama

4-star Rod Orr is an offensive tackle prospect from Gadsden City High School in Gadsden, Alabama. A longtime target that committed in September, Orr made things official today.

Orr joins the likes of Kimo Makeanole and Bryson Estes on the offensive line. The biggest difference between the three is that Orr is a true offensive tackle prospect. The woes at offensive tackle recruiting have been well documented. Bringing in Orr at offensive tackle is a ray of hope for the future at the position.

Enough talking though, let’s take a look at some film.

Scouting Report

Agility and footwork

Orr is newer to football but when you watch him play it is hard to tell. Watch how quickly he can get his feet up and back into the ground on the following play. This is one of the big things a good offensive linemen can do. If you can’t get your spikes back into the ground you are in trouble. Count the steps in the following clip and see for yourself. Orr is two to one when it comes to steps compared to the player across from him. The great part is he is doing all of this moving laterally while staying in good posture. This is the type of athleticism that FSU has lacked in recent years.

The other thing Orr does very well on this play is eye his target. He doesn’t get locked onto the double team with his eyes. It is important that you see the second level on these outside zone/sweep style of plays. Orr is able to eye the linebacker and take the correct angle to make that block. Don’t overlook these smaller skills that we haven’t seen in a while around Tallahassee.

Take off

Getting off the football is something overlooked when watching OL play. I would like to see Orr run blocking out of a two-point stance more but it is great to see him fire off the ball. He gets off the ball with a flat back and good explosiveness/bend in his lower body. What is equally important as leverage and bend is Orr continuing to drive his feet through the point of contact. So many OL will stop their feet and try to overpower with their upper-body but Orr powers through. As Orr develops his body more we will only see this skill improve. Clearing the way at the point of attack is something Seminole fans would love to see.

Opening holes

I had to emphasize it again because it is something we haven’t seen in some time. Opening a hole at the point of attack is a thing of beauty. Coming off the football with 90 degree bend in the legs, a flat back, and delivering a rising blow is not common for players this size. When you can find it in a 6’7 300 pound player you jump for joy.

Look how quickly the feet are up and down as Orr fires off the ball. Check the body posture on the take off as he stays low and explosive. Then watch how Orr finishes the block with explosive footwork. Another thing that fans should look for is how efficient Orr is with his movement. There is no over load with his hands, his hands and feet are in unison, and finally (as pointed out multiple times) the feet are quickly up and back into the dirt. Don’t overlook the small athletic skills that it takes to be a good offensive linemen.

Florida State is going to be better having Orr on their roster and being able to run behind a player with these traits.

This is a big pickup for the Florida State staff and a commitment that fans should be excited about. Rejoice Seminole fans, WE GOT AN OFFENSIVE TACKLE!


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