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Keeping track of Florida State recruits throughout the 2020 season: Week 1

Future Seminoles and targets in action.

Luke Altmyer

We’re back with the first week’s recap of high school games for Florida State Seminoles football commits and targets.

It’s such a nice change of page to talk about actual football being played. And it was a big week for FSU commits in those games.

Luke Altmyer

Quarterback Luke Altmyer showed off all dimension of his game in Starkville’s 40-28 win over West Point. Early in the game, Altmyer ripped off a 75-yard touchdown run which saw him outrun several defenders.

Altmyer ended the game with 312 yard passing and two touchdown passes to go with his over 90 yards rushing. Tomahawk Nation showed off other area’s of Altmyer’s game in our overreactions piece — be sure to check out the last clip to see some solid mechanics.

Malik McClain

Malik McClain may be Florida State’s newest commit, but on Friday night the receiver showed why he isn’t one to be ignored. McClain reeled in two touchdown catches in IMG’s victory over Venice. The first catch was turn and burn situation as McClain left defenders in the dust.

The second was a catch in the back of the end zone which saw McClain take a shot but hold on for the score.

Last, but certainly not least is Florida State’s stud 2022 commit, Travis Hunter. The top cornerback took over in Collin Hill’s 46-24 win over Carrollton. Hunter pulled down an interception to go accompany his 185 receiving yards and three touchdowns. The 2022 bell cow made sure to represent Florida State in the win by displaying multiple tomahawk chops while wearing FSU gloves.

And one last bonus clip for you, here’s Florida State offensive line commit Bryson Estes (#77) bulldozing an opposing lineman.

Check back each week for more update on #Tribe21 and the future of the Florida State Seminoles, and also be sure to head to our Florida State recruiting thread to catch up on all things recruiting.