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2016 wide receiver recruit Drake Davis receives offer from Florida State

Drake Davis earned himself an offer from Florida State.

Bud forgot to take a picture of Davis!
Bud forgot to take a picture of Davis!
Kelvin Kuo-Oncea-USA TODAY Sport

UPDATE: Drake Davis officially received an offer from FSU Friday morning.

Based off his performance and measurables, an offer from Florida State seems very possible for 2016 wide receiver Drake Davis after the first two days of Jimbo Fisher Camp.

The 6’4, 215 pound receiver out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana stood out during the opening days with his striking size and imposing athleticism.

Davis is coincidentally explosive off the line, forcing defenders into an up-hill battle against a receiver much bigger than themselves. And Davis won those battles, as he continued to turn heads during one-on-ones and seven-on-sevens.

But competition is not something Davis intends on avoiding, he actually welcomes it.

"Camp has been great and I love the battles that go on out there," Davis said. "I wanted even more reps, though, so I could have a chance to go up against everybody."

The willingness for a challenge doesn't disappear as he steps off the field, and this is evident in his recent transfer from Dunham School to Fort Union Military Academy in an attempt to bring even more structure to his daily life, in preparation for college.

"Once my parents realized I was going to be able to go play football in college they wanted me to transfer," Davis said. "I was hesitant at first, but the people there are really nice and I’m ready for the challenge. It will help prepare me in the classroom, on the field, and as a man."

Davis mentioned a plan to tour FSU’s campus Thursday night, even though he had already toured the athletic facilities the day before.

"I got to see the locker room yesterday and it was amazing," Davis said. "But I’m really excited to see the rest of campus. These facilities are just ridiculous."

Alabama recently pulled the trigger on Davis, extending an offer his way, joining Miami, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Temple and Maryland.

But the coaches at Florida State have made an impression on him.

"The coaches here are really fun," Davis said. "Coming here has really opened my eyes to Florida State, and I really hope to get an offer."