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Introducing “Sunday Golds: A Florida State Baseball Podcast”

Talking fall ball, standout newcomers, and an interview with Matheu Nelson.

Haylee Blitch

Welcome to a one of a kind experience, quite literally and figuratively, as we present to you the first ever Florida State baseball podcast. This is Sunday Golds: a Florida State Baseball Podcast.

You’ve read our articles, you’ve seen our tweets, you’ve watched our videos, now you can listen to our beautiful voices talk the great tradition which is Florida State baseball. The podcast will be hosted by Ariya Massoudi (Tallahassee Native, former Tomahawk Nation writer, the voice of FSU women’s basketball, and all-around perfect voice for a podcast) and myself, the man who has finally found normalcy with FSU baseball back in my life after 7+ months.

We’ll be bringing you a couple episodes this fall to recap fall ball and the garnet and gold games and start to preview the 2021 season. As 2021 rolls around, we’ll have weekly podcasts leading up to the season, before having two podcasts a week during the season. We’ll be bringing in guests from all around the baseball program, (coaches, players, former players, support staff, etc.) as often as possible.

In our first episode we go over our biggest observations and takeaways from our live looks at FSU’s fall ball scrimmages. We also talk about the newcomers who have stood out on both sides of the ball. Lastly, we hit on the power and depth the Seminoles present in the pitching staff this year.

We also welcome our first ever guest to the podcast in the Seminoles’ starting catcher of two years, Matheu Nelson. Nelson spoke on the progression of fall ball, stories from Athens and Baton Rouge, and how he found his way to Florida State.

Make sure to give it a listen, leave us a review, give some feedback, and drop any questions you want answered in the comments below for us to review on the next podcast.

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We are still waiting for the podcast to distribute on google podcasts, but you can also listen on the anchor app for now: