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VIDEO: Mike Martin Jr. speaks on first day of practice

‘Noles are three weeks from opening day.

Larry Novey/FSU athletics

Florida State baseball opened up their 2021 regular season practice this afternoon. Before practice, Mike Martin Jr. met with the media to discuss his team’s expectations and preparation for his second season as head coach. FSU was 12-5 last year, but all five of their losses came by one run. With their full lineup of starters back and a mixture of veteran and power young arms, the Seminoles’ expectations are as high as ever.

Here’s some of what Junior had to say:

On first day of practice: “Very exciting. First time you’re able to get everyone back together. Plan on covering a lot of things today.”

“The emphasis is on defense, pitching, and base-running over the next three weeks.”

Mentioned Matheu Nelson is still the only guy who has won a starting job on both sides of the ball. Says Messick will be in rotation, but still determining where.

On Elijah Cabell’s BP: “The problem is he’s losing too many baseballs. If he hits it out pull side, he has to go get it. If he hits it out opposite field, I’ll go get it.”

Also mentioned Cabell is dealing with a hamstring issue, but expects him at full speed within the next ten days.

On FSU’s OF: “I think they can be really good. Top 3 or 4 in the country.”

On Bryce Hubbart: “He’s a top of the line, front line starter. Jimmy moved him to the other side of the rubber. Kind’ve freed him up. He’s been really, really good so far. We expect big things.”

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