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Podcast: Recapping Florida State fall ball, previewing 2022 schedule

Talking newcomers, improved returnees, and differences from last season.

Haylee Blitch

Florida State baseball will take the field for the 2022 season in 64 days. The Seminoles had a full fall ball schedule this past semester with daily scrimmages and a pair of exhibitions. Ariya Massoudi and I broke down fall ball on the latest episode of Sunday Golds: A Florida State Baseball Podcast. We also previewed the 2022 schedule.

For the fall ball recap, we broke down each position group one by one. We also looked at potential candidates for the weekend rotation and bullpen roles. With a large group of newcomers and a handful of new transfers, we discussed the differences of this year’s roster versus last season.

For a full break down of episode 36, see below:

  • 6:00-15:00: Outfielders breakdown
  • 15:00-24:00: Corner infielders breakdown
  • 25:00-32:00: Middle infielders breakdown
  • 32:00-38:00: Catchers breakdown
  • 40:00-50:00: Weekend rotation candidates
  • 51:00-57:00: Potential bullpen arms
  • 59:00-1:15:00: Schedule preview

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