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Mike Martin Jr. speaks to media one week from opening day

Nander De Sedas and Robby Martin also speak.

Larry Novey/FSU athletics

Florida State baseball is just one week out from opening day against North Florida. The Seminoles haven’t played a competitive game since last March, but have been scrimmaging at a high rate through the fall and spring. The ‘Noles are as deep as any team in the nation on the mound and have loads of power potential at the plate.

Mike Martin Jr. spoke with the media today just seven days away from taking the field. Junior still said they haven’t defined any roles on the mound, but that Parker Messick will be on the weekend. He added that Reese Albert, Robby Martin, and Elijah Cabell will be in the lineup along side Matheu Nelson. All the infield spots are still up for grabs. For Meat’s full presser, see below:

Nander De Sedas also spoke to the media. De Sedas talked about switching to hitting right-handed only and what that’s doing for his game. He also spoke some on the team’s goals for the season.

Robby Martin also jumped to the podium to speak to the media today. The outfielder spoke about his body transformation and what it’s done for him on the diamond.