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Two days till FSU baseball: Nander De Sedas’ confidence and consistency key to 2021 season

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Hitting right-handed only could free up De Sedas to show his true talent.

Florida State baseball brought in one of their highest rated prospects ever in 2018 when Nander De Sedas stepped on campus. De Sedas was ranked the #1 position player to make it to college after the 2018 draft. But since coming to FSU, he’s ran into struggles and inconsistencies. In his first two seasons at FSU, the middle infielder has hit .213 and posted a .913 fielding percentage. Despite the struggles, Mike Martin Jr. should still feel confident in the Panama native. Why? De Sedas’ newfound confidence and comfort.

De Sedas came to Florida State as a switch hitter. But he had only switch hit for a couple years in high school. He often looked uncomfortable on the left side of the plate. He decided this fall to only hit from his natural side, and since then he’s looked like a completely new player.

The middle infielder only has 13 extra base hits in 79 games at Florida State, including 0 last season. But he seems to have tapped back into his raw strength from switching to the right-side only. He’s make hard contact at a high rate against FSU pitching, including a few homers. He’s had some big at-bats in his time at Florida State: his homer against UF in 2019, his sac-fly against Arkansas in the CWS, and his sac fly at UF in 2020. All of those came from the right side, his natural side of the plate where he oozes confidence and comfort.

De Sedas has moved from short to second, back to short, then back to second, and finally back to short again. His tools fit that of a short stop. Big arm and rangy athleticism. De Sedas has the tools to be an everyday short stop, he just has to let the game come to him, be consistent, and make the routine plays. In FSU’s first seven games last year, he had seven errors. In the last ten games, including the last seven at short, he had just one and was the best defender on the team. He’s flashed the ability from time to time with great plays. If he can be the defender he was for FSU’s last 10 games last season, the Seminoles will have a successful 2021.

The switch to his natural side of the plate will help in every phase of his game. Not having to hit, practice, get looks, etc. from both sides will free him up mentally to just play the game how he knows. If De Sedas can even slightly tap into his potential, Florida State will have a very successful 2021.