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WATCH: Mike Martin Jr. speaks to media on second day of fall ball

Parker Messick, Bryce Hubbart, and Reese Albert also speak.

Florida State baseball’s 2021-22 season officially began yesterday with the first team practice of fall ball. Today, Mike Martin Jr. spoke to the media before the Seminoles’ second practice. Junior spoke on FSU’s transfer additions and the importance of fall ball. He also spoke about having Reese Albert back in the program.

For Junior’s full presser, see below:

Albert, Parker Messick, and Bryce Hubbart also spoke to the media. Messick and Hubbart both spoke on the importance of their summers and new pitches they’ve added. The pitchers also discussed the depth of the pitching staff and how it pushes them to get better. Albert spoke on his return to Tallahassee, one that he didn’t expect, and the injuries he’s had to deal with over the past few seasons. He explained how that’s changed his outlook on the game.

For Albert’s interview, see below:

For Messick’s interview, see below:

For Hubbart’s interview, see below:

For my 1-on-1 with the head coach on the latest episode of Sunday Golds: A Florida State Baseball Podcast, see below: