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Florida State Baseball: Official offseason discussion thread, MLB Draft updates

Discussing all things FSU Baseball.

Link Jarrett

/Welcome to the first edition of the official Tomahawk Nation offseason baseball discussion thread. It’s already been a busy offseason for the Florida State Seminoles baseball team. Here’s the timeline of the big events:

6/7/22: Ross Dunn enters transfer portal.

6/10/22: Florida State fires head baseball coach Mike Martin Jr.

6/13/22: Tyler Martin and Dylan Simmons enters transfer portal.

6/18/22: Ross Dunn transfers to Arizona State.

6/23/22: Clemson hires FSU pitching coach Jimmy Belanger.

6/24/22: Link Jarrett agrees to become new head baseball coach for Florida State.

6/27/22: FSU baseball press conference for Link Jarrett.

6/30/22: West Virginia C/DH McGwire Holbrook transfers to Florida State.

7/11/22: Chuck Ristano, Rich Wallace join FSU baseball staff

As news breaks, we’ll have articles for the significant updates and use this thread for any and all ongoing offseason build up to season one of Link Jarrett. Jump in the comments below to discuss all things FSU Baseball.