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FSU basketball mid season review

Not Coach Hamilton’s finest year.

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

Matt and Michael are back to discuss the very real path for the Florida State Seminoles hoops team to the make the dance and do some damage in March!

Annnnnnndddddd...........back to reality. FSU stinks. But the podcast dudes are back to bring the good news. Is the FSU basketball team terrible? Absolutely. But, not as terrible as they were in November, and it’s all about peaking in March, right? Right? Hello?

Okay, so the season is pretty much over, and it has been for a while, but if you’ve read this far you’re obviously a basketball junkie or a glutton for punishment (is there a difference?). So some great stuff is discussed here. First of all, Matthew Cleveland is a beast. He grabbed a gear over a month ago and hasn’t looked back. Last year he was 6th man of the year, and this year, if FSU were better, he’d be on the short list for conference player of the year. Suddenly, he’s that good. And it’s not a lock that he’ll leave after the season.

Some shout outs to Jalen Warley, Cam Corhen, and Darin Green are also in order. In short, we’re seeing the nucleus of what could be a solid team next year.

And next year is a must-win year for the coaching staff (and the fans), and so we talk roster construction. Matt recently asked Virginia’s head coach Tony Bennett his thoughts on how building rosters is changing, and we dive into that as Bennett is one of the few coaches who will actually say what he thinks in press conferences.

We wrap it up leaving some hope for next year, and maybe even a little for this one. Let us know where we’re horribly wrong.