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Podcast: It’s March, but FSU’s season is over

A brief recap, some transfer talk, and the NCAA Tournament

NCAA Basketball: Clemson at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the good news is that Florida State’s basketball season is over. Barring something weird, we have witnessed the last wide-open 3-pointer by an FSU opponent in the 2022-23 season. Good job, folks. We made it.

Matt and Michael get together to talk about the final game for about 30 seconds (it sucked, we lost, dudes got hurt), and then it’s on to the fun stuff. Let’s toss some love to Chandler Jackson and Cameron Corhen who give FSU a great one-two punch heading into next season (hey guys, please come back to Tallahassee). There are some other interesting and contributing pieces on the team, but let’s be honest, the Seminoles have to land a couple of impact transfers at minimum. Where to find those guys? Luckily, a lot of basketball teams are still playing their season (weird) and our coaches can get front and center to pick the right players. Coach Hamilton has repeatedly said he’s learned his lesson about roster creation, so now it’s time to put his money where his mouth is.

Speaking of money, Dennis Gates - head dude at Mizzou - had a good rookie season and promptly got a raise to $4 million a year with a $25 million buyout. So whoever refused to believe that the Gates-to-Tally ship had sailed the moment he signed with Missouri, now we can all officially move on. But why talk coaches? Ham’s still here, right? Right? It seems so, so we’re going with that. Listen in for more details.

Then we move on to the funnest part of March - the NCAA Tournament. Need some bracket help? Need to know who to root against? Need to know which teams has guys that murdered someone? As always, we’re here to help. Our pointers are guaranteed to get you to the top of your bracket pool, unless they don’t. Then you’re on your own.