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A Viewer’s Guide to FSU Basketball

Are you an FSU football fan that wants to learn how to watch basketball good? We’ve got your back.

This feels like the renaissance of FSU basketball.

Florida State won the ACC last year, they had 2 lottery picks (meaning top 14 picks) and they are looking to bring in the #2 recruiting class in the country. Things keep moving upward for the Noles.

So I thought I would make a video. One for the football fans out there. A video that explains, in the simplest terms possible, who FSU is and what they do well on the court.

If you didn’t have the 8 minutes to spare I can summarize it really quickly for you.

FSU is long and athletic. They use that length to try to get into the paint on offense and try to leverage transition opportunities on defense. They have some returning talent on the roster but have also stacked up with some exciting recruits, namely five star Scottie Barnes, playmaker Sardaar Calhoun, and big man Tanor Ngom.

This team is going to be fun to watch. Do yourselves a favor and make sure to tune in.