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Florida State basketball keeps moving up in AP poll

FSU is 3-0 to start the season

Mike Olivella

After taking down rival Florida Gators last Saturday, as well as beating the Indiana Hoosiers in the Big Ten-ACC Challenge, Florida State Seminoles basketball has moved up in the AP Poll once more.

After originally starting the season at 22, FSU now sits at 15.

“We have to emphasize being a much more aggressive team taking it to the basket,” head coach Leonard Hamilton said after Saturday’s win. “It all works together. In a perfect world, we will execute our offense…We need to be able to run our system and recognize all those things at the same time. Those things we are still sputtering. Once we get in to conference play we have to bring all those things together.”

“We showed the potential that if we move the ball well, penetrate and kick the ball out, we are going to get some of those three-point shots.”

“No one has gone to the NCAA tournament 3-0. No one has won the national championship at 3-0…Right now, I think we are a work in progress. I am excited, happy that we won, but right now I still need to address the areas that we still need to get better in.”