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Podcast: FSU basketball vs Indiana preview, plus UNF recap

We have basketball! We have podcasts!

Mike Olivella

Good news, college hoops is back! Michael Rogner and Matt Minnick celebrate by talking first impressions from FSU basketball’s win over North Florida (APPLE // SPOTIFY). Five star freshman Scottie Barnes had an intriguing game, and development really showed in Balsa Koprivica and a few others.

We also talk a bit about what is happening on the national scene. Jimmie V week. The ACC—Big Ten Challenge. The SEC - B12 whatever you call it. Virginia Tech beat Villanova, what?! Do experienced teams have an advantage? Why has FSU only played one game when many of our opponents played four or five?

Next up is a preview of the Indiana - Florida State rematch in the ACC - Big Ten Challenge. Indiana has looked like a Final Four contender at times, and like a mid tier B1G team at others. Which team will we see this week? And how in the world is FSU going to defend Trayce Jackson-Davis, who may be the best center in basketball?

Finally, they wrap it up with a discussion about 5* incoming freshman Matthew Cleveland. He’s, uhhhh..., putting up big numbers.