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Podcast: recapping wins, Louisville preview, recruiting Caleb Mills

FSU basketball has some momentum

Mike Olivella

In this episode of the Tomahawk Nation hoops dedicated podcast we recap the most recent wins for FSU. First there was the 32-point drubbing of NC State, and then a more modest 7-point win over North Carolina. Using the games as themes, we dive in to why FSU has been more successful after their 15-day layoff. Lots of things went well, including improved bench play which proved critical.

Some key players have been playing their best basketball, including Rayquan Evans, Raiquan Gray, and Balsa Koprivica.

Next we dive in to what FSU is getting from recent transfer Caleb Mills. The team he’s leaving - Houston - is a top-10 program, and Mills is arguably their most valuable player. What will he add to next year’s team?

After a quick And-1 segment following the break, we dive in to Louisville. Will FSU continue their stellar play? Will recent success vs Louisville be the difference?