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Inside the box score: FSU 81, Miami 59

The ‘Noles roll, again

Mike Olivella
  1. FSU held Miami to just 11-31 (36%) shooting on 2s. FSU is now 24th nationally in 2-pt% defense, and is the best at Florida State since the 2013-14 team. In conference play, FSU is No. 1, as well as No. 2 in block%, despite not having any player in the top-5 individually. Against Miami FSU was credited with four blocks, including the 1st career block for walk-on Travis Light.
  2. RaiQuan Gray finished with 10 points and 11 rebounds, for his first career double-double (and Malik Osborne had one as well). Despite an off night shooting, he is doing a great job at getting inside the defense, with half his 2s coming at the rim. At the rim he’s shooting 67%.
  3. Sardaar Calhoun continues to demonstrate rapid improvement. He played a career high 25 minutes vs Miami. In the three games that Anthony Polite has missed with a shoulder injury, Calhoun has made 4-8 2s (50%) and 6-9 3s (67%) and is averaging 9.7 ppg. He’s also being asked to bring the ball up on occasion and to initiate the offense. Both of his double digit scoring games have come back-to-back this week.
  4. FSU has the No. 11 offense in the nation but they continue to be hampered by turnovers. Being an aggressive, lane-first offense, a certain amount of offensive fouls are to be expected, but the unforced TOs need to be cut down. FSU is 187th nationally, and 14th in conference play. This is a tough coaching point, as you want your players to be free without overthinking possessions. One fix is to have players taking more early shots. Several are passing up good looks in hopes of generating a great look. Just shoot the ball.
  5. FSU won 81-59 in a 68 possession game. It was the 5th straight game where FSU has scored either the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd most per possession for any team playing against that opponent this season. Coach Hamilton now owns a 6-game winning streak over Miami, to go along with a 7-game winning streak over Florida.