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Podcast: Purdue and Syracuse preview, Mike Norvell talk

FSU travels to face what may be the best team in the nation

NCAA Basketball: Boston U at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Now that football has (un)ceremoniously ended with a Charlie Brown kick, the basketball guys are back (APPLE // SPOTIFY) to delve a little bit deeper into the season. But first, unable to escape the vortex of FSU football, Matt and Michael speculate on how the situation faced by head coach Mike Norvell is similar to the one faced by Leonard Hamilton back in the day. The stakes are much higher with football, at least at Florida State, but where is Norvell on the Ham timeline?

Next up is to recap some of the action since the last podcast. The team is 5-1, with the best win being a neutral site victory over a solid Loyola Marymount squad. They explore some early season trends, and how they might play out for the season, as well is digging into the performances of several players, most notably the new faces like Cam’Ron Fletcher, Matthew Cleveland, and the unicorn John Butler.

Then come the previews. How good is Purdue? (spoiler alert: they’re very, very good). In their first six games one team (a top-10 Villanova) has held them below 92 points. We don’t really get into the dribble weave action which the Seminole defense will try to disrupt, but instead focus on the pieces they have. It’s a toss up whether this will be FSU’s most difficult game of the season, or it will be at Duke. Orrrrrrrr, whoever FSU faces in the Final Four, amiright. They feature a two-headed beast in the middle, and the guy coming off the bench was a preseason First Team All Big Ten selection. Plus they have a lottery pick who is beyond NBA ready. And a bevy of shooters to surround these dudes. Fun!

The easier game - and probably more important to the season - comes this Saturday when the Syracuse Orange come to town. We’re used to Syracuse featuring crazy long athletes all over the court, with at least of coup[e of NBA guys mixed in. Is it more of the same this year?