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Film breakdown of FSU’s blowout win over Virginia

How did the Seminoles dismantle the packline?

Florida State Men’s Basketball defeated #7 Virginia at home by a score of 81-60 last night. You’re not reading that wrong. FSU put up 81 points against one of the top defenses in the country.

If you are relatively new to college basketball you might not realize just how different these teams’ identities are schematically.

Offensively FSU focuses on pace and space. Looking for fast breaks and running a lot of spread ball-screen. Virginia tends to slow things down. They tend to run a motion-based offense that sets a majority of their screens off-ball.

These tendencies are mirrored on defense. FSU plays an aggressive denial defense where Virginia looks to slow things down and restrict paint touches with their patented packline defense.

This game, as all games between these two teams generally are, was a clash between these two styles. Fortunately for the Seminoles, they were able to control the tempo and ultimately the outcome of the game.

This game was a fun one to watch for FSU fans, but it could always use another closer watch. So if you want an overview of the critical moments within last night's game and some insight on the game within the game, then this video is the one for you.