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Podcast: FSU destroys Virginia, Pitt preview

FSU basketball plays it’s best game vs Virginia

Mike Olivella

When we last sat down to record a podcast (APPLE // SPOTIFY), FSU was set to fly to Boston to take on the BC Eagles and their four scholarship players. Then FSU’s second Covid-19 shutdown began and we all went a couple of weeks without basketball. Now Virginia Tech has Covid problems of their own, so our game vs. the Hokies has been cancelled, but the staff recovered quickly and scheduled a game at Pitt.

But before we get into the Pitt Panthers, we recap the lessons from FSU’s close win over Wake Forrest, and the blowout over No. 7 Virginia. Was the close game vs. Wake a sign that the Seminoles needed to wake up, or did it demonstrate that the floor of this team still needs some serious attention? With the postseason approaching quickly, how close is FSU to playing their best basketball?

The Virginia beat down, on the other hand, showed that Florida State likely has the highest ceiling of any ACC basketball team. FSU’s offense abused the vaunted pack line defense, and the ‘Noles defense played solidly as well.

After talking those two games, we take a quick foray into the “And-1” feature, and Matt rapid fires some questions to Michael. Then it’s on to the Pitt preview. The Seminoles have struggled at the Zoo, and are those struggles going to continue?