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Podcast: UNC Greensboro preview

It’s NCAA Tournament time

NCAA Basketball: Florida State at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

It’s March folks, and the madness has arrived. Forget about the regular season. Forget about the ACC Tournament. It’s the NCAA Tournament now, and in less than a week 48 hopes will have been dashed, leaving the dreaming to a field of 16.

On the podcast (APPLE // SPOTIFY) we briefly touch on the Georgia Tech loss (hey, another turnover!) before moving on - or backwards - to how the season has shaped up as a whole. It seems the program has reached a height where many consider that after losing two lottery picks and an all-time point guard finishing 2nd in the conference both in the regular season and in the ACC Tournament is a disappointment. New bloods, it is.

Then we get to the NCAAT. We start the conversation with some general observations about the bracket, and then move on to FSU’s 1st round opponent: the Spartans of UNC Greensboro. In recent history FSU faced Murray State in the NCAAT which was a team built similarly to UNCG. They have one supremely talented point guard surrounded by a bunch of role players. Some of those role players bring interesting skill sets (the No. 2 shot blocker in the nation who also shoots more 3s than 2s comes to mind), but the reality is that this team goes as Isaiah Miller goes. He takes the 6th most shots in the nation, has won back-to-back conference Player of the Year awards, and won back-to-back-to-back Defensive Player of the Year awards. Oh, and he’s probably the best athlete FSU has faced this season.

Whatever FSU’s game plan is, it will center around Isaiah Miller. We go in depth about where UNCG has the advantage, and where FSU has the advantage.

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