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New FSU shirts for Sweet 16

Get some new swag as the Seminoles prep their run

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Is your preferred Florida State Seminoles basketball shirt starting to smell bad, and not because you purposefully aren’t washing it in hopes of retaining some sort of good luck? Do you want a way to honor your favorite excited benchwarmers or assert to the blue bloods that the future is now, old man?

Well, then we have some good news for you. As the NCAA Tournament and March Madness kicks off, we’ve partnered with BreakingT to help drop some Noles-related merch as FSU’s run gets underway. First up in the selection are two of the most obvious — one bearing the program’s “New Blood” mantra, the other honoring FSU’s bench hype men/death squad, the Green Vipers.

Florida State Seminoles basketball “New Blood” shirt

  • $28

“We’re the New Bloods and we want to tag that on because we’re not going to catch up with the 80 years before us and the success that those guys had. So we’re fighting for our spot. We’re fighting for our position in the hierarchy of the most respected programs in the history of college basketball.”

Florida State Seminoles basketball has achieved more success than it imagined under head coach Leonard Hamilton, and its lead to the name New Bloods for the program.

Florida State Seminoles basketball “Green Vipers”

  • $28

“Every team has a scout team, every team has walk-ons. But ours is a unique situation where the walk-ons are the whole scout team. And we’re good at it. And we take pride in it.”

FSU’s bench and scout team have been called the Green Vipers, an attitude that’s been helped out by a mixture of walk-ons and excited freshman pumping up their own team and doing their best to throw their opponents off their game.

Officially licensed by Florida State, BreakingT will be dropping merch all tournament long. Stay posted to Tomahawk Nation throughout for the latest drops, as well as on all of our social channels.


Here’s the two latest designs:

Florida State Seminoles “Junkyard Dog” T-Shirt

  • $28

“And these guys are very proud of the junkyard dog. And our junkyard dog’s name is Stopper, by the way. I have to introduce you to him. He’s the mascot. We’re going to have some t-shirts, and we’re going to give them to our local media so you can walk around with the junkyard dog philosophy.”

The shirt doesn’t have Stopper on it — but close enough

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