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Seminole Wrap: Can hoops win the ACC? How does FSU baseball look? feat. Matt Minnick, Brett Nevitt

Getting you some insight from two of Tomahawk Nation’s finest

Seminole Wrap logo Murphy Jones/Tomahawk Nation

Thanks to a six-game winning streak earlier this month, the Florida State Seminoles basketball team found themselves at the top of the Atlantic Coast Conference. But after another blowout loss, are the Seminoles really contenders to claim conference crown and what do they need to do in the final weeks to make sure they’re dancing come March?

Host Brian Pellerin talks with Tomahawk Nation hoops-dedicated podcast host and basketball expert podcast host Matt Minnick to get you caught up on the ups and downs so far plus what could help Florida State find that consistency to make a run.

Plus with Opening Day just three weeks away, baseball beat writer and host of Sunday Golds Brett Nevitt to get you ready for the year that has the potential for a run to Omaha.

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