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Podcast: Mid-season review (oh, and Malik Osborne is out for the year)

Bubble teams are really the most fun

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 26 Florida State at Georgia Tech Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s been a while since Matt and Michael were able to get together for a podcast.

But hey, life gets in the way...

The first segment examines how we got to where we are (FSU basketball is 13-6, 6-3 heading into Saturday’s game vs Virginia Tech). The six-game winning streak was obviously great fun as a fan, but was FSU actually playing any better than they had been earlier in the season? Or was it the randomness of close games falling in favor of the ‘Noles instead of the bad guys?

Next, they focus on Malik Osborne. This was recorded prior to the official release that Osborne was out for the season, so they had to tread lightly there, but did go in-depth about how his loss would impact the team the rest of the way. He’s a bit of an enigma, as many view him as a role player, while it’s clear the podcast crew views him as much more important than that. Defense is discussed, and how his loss might or might not impact the system down the line. There is very limited practice time, and half the team is new - so what is a realistic expectation that anything will be tweaked to mitigate his loss? Or is it really just next man up?

Speaking of next men up - FSU’s most versatile recruit tore his ACL. Fun! But they do discuss how next year’s class could slide into pre-defined roles within the (mostly) positionless system Ham has developed.

Finally, it’s on to Virginia Tech. They play super slow! They shoot 40% from deep as a team! What could go wrong?