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Podcast: Rough start for FSU basketball

They gotta win one sometime

NCAA Basketball: Stetson at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps you’ve been distracted by FSU football being good again. Perhaps your tv subscription expired, or you haven’t been able to drive to the Tuck, and your radio died, and you forgot how to use the internet, and your neighbor’s dog steals the newspaper, and all your friends who love basketball left town. If so, you may be wondering exactly how good the ‘Noles look this year. I mean, there’s a core returning quartet of Matthew Cleveland, Caleb Mills, Cam’Ron Fletcher, and Jalen Warley. There are critical transfers in Jaylen Gainey and Darin Green. And the freshmen class looks to be the best in years with Baba Miller, De’Ante Green, Cameron Corhen, Tom House, Jeremiah Bembry and Chandler Jackson. Let’s get excited, people!

Well....we’ve got some news for you. Gainey blew his knee and will be out all year. So will De’Ante Green. So will Bembry. Chandler Jackson broke his thumb. Fletcher can’t practice. And the jewel of the newcomers - Baba Miller - is suspended by the NCAA for a half a year because he attended his own team’s training camp.

Has anyone else noticed that FSU hoops has been cursed since Covid hit?

Luckily the season opened against Stetson. Even with just 8 scholarship players, surely they’d roll Stetson. Right? The next game was tougher. A road game at UCF. How’d it go?

Well, through two games there is one team in college basketball (looking at you Mississippi Valley State) that has been worse on the defensive glass than Florida State. And the rest of the defense has been intriguing at best. And the offense? Well, there’s a ball and a basket and sometimes the two meet.

So here we are, two games into the bright and shiny new season. Come along as Matt and Michael provide some insight. It’s gonna be a long season folks, so get comfortable and go ‘Noles — you can listen or find the episode on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to your shows.