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FSU hoops podcast: Actual basketball! Against Canadians!

we also talk conference realignment and other boring stuff

Hey! A hoops pod. No. 49 to be exact - we were hoping to save No. 50 for a national title recap but we’ll try and squeeze some in between here and there. Maybe you’ve heard that some weird rumblings in the college football world are taking place. It’s like LIV Golf only it matters. Looking forward, conference matchups like UCLA-Rutgers are gonna be lit. But we take a look from a basketball perspective (really, an all sports besides football perspective) which will hopefully come to fruition. Let football do its thing, and let the other sports maintain some sort of regional focus.

After some conference talk (and yes, Minnesota really is a cool place to go see a game) we talk about the sport that matters: college basketball. Florida State is currently touring Canada which is full of nice people and maple syrup, and playing some games along the way. When you have so many new faces, having trips like this are priceless - just don’t pay too much attention to the box scores. Oh, and four guys are out: Matthew Cleveland, De’Ante Green, Baba Miller, and Jeremiah Bembry. So one fake game into the season and we already have a walk-on in the starting lineup. Some things never change. Like Canada.

After a break where we advertise something that is very important but I’m not sure what it is, we spend a few minutes gushing over FSU’s sole 2023 recruit Taylor Bowen. It’s hard to predict a class size because technically no one has to leave (assuming Gainey is awarded a Covid year), but we know it is at least one. And he’s a good one.

And that’s that. Enjoy!