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FSU football NIL Tracker: Deals, collective signees

Keeping tabs on Florida State Seminoles football NIL deals

Louisiana v Florida State Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

As Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) paid opportunities become more and more entrenched within the network of college athletics, we’re seeing people and groups start to adjust and figure out best practices for moving forward in the new world.

In Florida, universities are unable to serve as a brokering party in NIL deals, leaving athletes pretty much to their own devices on figuring things out and businesses confused as to how to even go about employing the services of the students.

One of the workarounds we’ve seen emerge has been the NIL Collective, a concept that’s popped up across the country in an effort to encourage fans to take an active part in providing opportunities.

At Florida State, three have emerged: Rising Spear (who absorbed former collective Warpath), Micconope 1851 and The Battles End.

Each represents different intentions and processes for utilizing NIL for FSU athletes. Rising Spear, the first to launch, is the organization most closely associated with the Seminole Boosters, sponsoring athletes in all sports. Micconope 1851 also offers deals for FSU athletes across the board, focusing on “providing developmental opportunities” per the organization’s website. The Battles End, spearheaded by Ingram Smith and enabled by major financial backers, is football-focused and currently prioritizing retaining current Seminoles football players.

Tomahawk Nation user bugzbunny has begun to track the deals of football players, compiling them in a periodically-updated list below.

The two NIL agencies I am tracking as of Jan 2023 are The Battles End (TBE) and Rising Spear (RiSp). The date provided is the first public confirmation of the player associating with the NIL (and the links are provided as available). Also providing twitter handles and merchandising links (whenever available) for the players. RiSp’s role seems to be dipping in the football NIL space, so may discontinue featuring them after a while (keeping them listed for posterity sake)

Florida State Football: NIL Tracker, Offense

Name Date Twitter Handle Merchandising NIL Confirm Link NIL Agency
Name Date Twitter Handle Merchandising NIL Confirm Link NIL Agency
Tate Rodemaker 01/12/23 Tate (@TateRodemaker) TBE confirms Tate TBE
Jaheim Bell 01/10/23 Jaheim (@dba_bell) VIP SPORTS MERCH TBE confirms Mr. Bell TBE
Hykeem Williams 01/10/23 tha_boi.keem (@tha_boikeem) HUMBLE BEAST TBE confirms Hykeem TBE
Johnny Wilson 01/06/23 jjohnnywilson (@jjohnnywilson) TBE confirms JWilson TBE
11/6/22 24-7 Article RiSp
Ja'Khi Douglas 01/06/23 khi (@jakhidouglas) TBE confirms Khi TBE
A. J. Duffy 01/04/23 aj Duffy (@anthonyjduffy) TBE confirms aj Duffy TBE
Mycah Pittman 01/04/23 MJP (@MycahPittman) TBE Confirms MJP TBE
12/27/22 Cheez-it NIL Cheez-It
Trey Benson 01/01/23 Trey Benson (@trey_uno1) TBE confirms TreyB TBE
circa Fall 2022 RiSp
Darius Washington 12/12/22 @DariusW76 TBE confirms Darius TBE
Lawrance Toafili 12/9/22 LT (@Toafili9) TBE confirms Toafili TBE
Kentron Poitier 12/8/22 Kentron Poitier (@kentron_p) TBE confirms Poitier TBE
Maurice Smith 12/8/22 Maurice Smith (@RocboyReese) TBE confirms Mr. Smith TBE
Rodney Hill 12/8/22 TBE confirms RHill TBE
Robert Scott 12/8/22 Robert Scott🎒🏈 (@robertscottOL) TBE confirms Scott TBE
Jordan Travis 12/7/22 Jordan Travis (@jordantrav13) TBE confirms JTrav TBE
Bless Harris circa Fall 2022
Prior Year
Dillan Gibbons 9/22 Dillan R. Gibbons (@GibbonsDillan) Big Man Big Heart (@BigManBigHeart_) Confirmation RiSp
Florida State Football: NIL Tracker, Offense bugzbunny

Florida State Football: NIL Tracker, Defense

Name Date Twitter Handle Merchandising NIL Confirmation NIL Agency
Name Date Twitter Handle Merchandising NIL Confirmation NIL Agency
Darrell Jackson 01/09/23 BIG PRODUCTIONS🎱🖤 (@95productions1) TBE confirms DJackson TBE
Jared Verse 01/07/23 Jared Verse (@JaredVerse1) TBE confirms JVerse TBE
circa Fall 2022 Insta Confirming RiSp
Derrick McLendon II 01/06/23 HIM (@DMAC1513) TBE confirms DMAC1513 TBE
circa Fall 2022 RiSp
Brendan Gant 01/06/23 Brendan Gant (@TheReal_BGant) TBE confirms BGant TBE
Azareye'h Thomas 01/04/23 Azareyeh Thomas (@Azareyehthomas) TBE confirms Az Thomas TBE
Akeem Dent, Sr. 01/04/23 AkeemDent (@DoItAllDent103) TBE confirms Akeem Dent TBE
Fabian Lovett 01/01/23 Fabien Lovett (@fabo_54) TBE confirms Fabien TBE
Dennis Briggs, Jr. 12/12/22 Dennis Briggs Jr. (@Briggsdennis2) TBE confirms DBriggs TBE
Kevin Knowles 12/12/22 Kevin Knowles II (@flexxkp5) TBE confirms KKnowles TBE
Ayobami Tifase 12/12/22 Ayobami Tifase (@Ayotifase50) No Offseason Sports (@NooffseasonFL) TBE confirms ATifase TBE
Malcolm Ray 12/08/22 Mal9 (@9_9Mal) TBE confirms Mr. Ray TBE
Joshua Farmer 12/07/22 @colaboy_j5 TBE confirms Farmer TBE
Renardo Green 12/06/22 Renardo Green (@nado2times) TBE confirms Green TBE
Jarrian Jones 12/06/22 J.Jones (@JarrianJones) TBE confirms Jarrian TBE
Patrick Payton 12/06/22 Pat Payton (@PatPayton6) TBE confirms PatPayton TBE
Kalen Deloach 12/06/22 Delo🖤💎 (@KalenDeloach) Kalen Deloach Official Fan Store TBE confirms Deloach TBE
Greedy Vance circa Fall 2022 RiSp
DJ Lundy 1/24/22 @djlundy01 TBE confirms Lundy
Fentrell Cypress 1/24/22 @FentrellC4 TBE confirms Cypress
Florida State Football: NIL Tracker, Defense bugzbunny