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Florida State of Recruiting: Visitor list for Miami (FL) vs. FSU

Some serious talent will be in Tallahassee, both on and off the field.

Charles Mays

This Saturday, some serious talent in the 2024, 2025, and 2026 recruiting cycles will be flocking to Tallahassee to watch the latest chapter in one of college football’s best rivalries: the Miami Hurricanes and Florida State Seminoles.

In terms of talent, it’s easily the most impressive recruiting weekend in the Mike Norvell era. Beyond that, Florida State hasn’t had a recruiting weekend this stacked in close to a decade.

The most impressive aspect to this weekend? Of all the prospects who’ve told us they’re attending the game, FSU won’t be hosting a single official visitor. Every recruit in attendance will be on an unofficial visit, and the Seminoles will have the opportunity to parlay this weekend into coveted December official visits for some extremely talented 2024 prospects.

Mike Norvell and his staff are strategically playing the long game as they continue whale-hunting to round out Tribe 24 and setting the stage for Tribe 25. The stacked list of players expected to attend the Miami (FL) matchup reflects how far Norvell’s program has come, both in public perception and in hard work paying off.

As heated as the clashes get between FSU and the Miami (FL) on the field, it can get even hotter off the field when both teams fight for the same recruits. Let’s take a look at the notable names expected to be in Doak Campbell Stadium this weekend, for what promises to be the largest recruiting event yet during FSU’s 2023 season.

Tribe 24

4-star RB Kameron Davis (FSU commit)

4-star RB Micahi Danzy (FSU commit)

4-star WR BJ Gibson (FSU commit)

4-star WR Lawayne McCoy (FSU commit)

4-star TE Landen Thomas (FSU commit)

4-star OL Jonathan Daniels (FSU commit)

3-star OL Tye Hylton (FSU commit)

3-star OL Jayden Todd (FSU commit)

5-star DL Armondo Blount (FSU commit)

3-star DL Jamorie Flagg (FSU commit)

3-star LB Jayden Parrish (FSU commit)

3-star LB Timir Hickman-Collins (FSU commit)

5-star DB KJ Bolden (FSU commit)

5-star DB Charles Lester (FSU commit)

4-star DB Ricky Knight (FSU commit)

4-star DB Jamari Howard (FSU commit)

3-star DB CJ Heard (FSU commit)

5-star WR Jeremiah Smith (Ohio State commit)

5-star WR Cameron Coleman (Texas A&M Aggies commit)

5-star DL LJ McCray (Florida Gators commit)

4-star DB Cai Bates (LSU Tigers commit)

4-star DB Wardell Mack (UF commit)

4-star DB Zavier Mincey

3-star DB Xavier Lucas (Wisconsin Badgers commit)

Tribe 25

4-star 2025 QB Tramell Jones (FSU commit)

4-star 2025 LB Ethan Pritchard (FSU commit)

4-star 2025 RB Alvin Henderson

4-star 2025 RB Ousmane Kromah

4-star 2025 RB Taevion Swint (UCF Knights commit)

4-star 2025 RB Donovan Johnson

4-star 2025 RB Deandre Desinor

5-star 2025 WR Jaime Ffrench (Alabama Crimson Tide commit)

4-star 2025 WR Koby Howard

4-star 2025 WR Daylan McCutcheon

4-star 2025 WR Naeshaun Montgomery

4-star 2025 WR Joshua Moore

4-star 2025 WR Cortez Mills

2025 WR Samari Reed

5-star 2025 OL David Sanders

4-star 2025 OL Ziyare Addison

5-star 2025 Edge Jared Smith

4-star 2025 Edge Javion Hilson

5-star 2025 DL Justus Terry (Georgia Bulldogs commit)

4-star 2025 DL Myron Charles

5-star 2025 LB Zayden Walker

4-star 2025 LB Ty Jackson

4-star 2025 LB Zaydrius Rainey-Sale

5-star 2025 DB DJ Pickett

4-star 2025 DB Hylton “Drake” Stubbs

4-star 2025 DB Anquon Fegans

4-star 2025 DB Darrell Johnson

4-star 2025 DB JaDon Blair

4-star 2025 DB Chris Ewald (Michigan Wolverines commit)

4-star 2025 DB Devin Williams

3-star 2025 DB Max Redmon

3-star 2025 DB Greg “Zae” Thomas

Tribe 26

4-star 2026 WR Devin Carter (FSU commit)

2026 DB Darryl “Tre” Bell (FSU commit)

4-star 2026 QB Romin Seymour

5-star 2026 WR Jabari Brady

4-star 2026 WR Aaron Gregory

5-star 2026 TE Kendre Harrison

5-star 2026 OL Maxwell Riley

4-star 2026 OL Micah Smith

4-star 2026 Edge Tyler Atkinson

4-star 2026 DB Efrem White

4-star 2026 DB J’Zavien Currence

2026 DB Preston Ashley

2026 DB Dariyon Gordon