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Florida State football, recruiting news: Unconquered! FSU Soccer steamrolls Stanford for a National Championship

FSU tries to turn the page to the Orange Bowl

2023 Division I Women’s Soccer Championship Photo by Grant Halverson/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

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The Seminoles have done it again and this edition of FSU, the Unconquered National Championship edition of Florida State just might be the best team ever:

Some highlights from Sunday’s victory:

Come celebrate with the National Champs tonight.


It wasn’t Jordan Travis’ injury; the fix was in from the start. But what 13 has-beens and never was’ stupidity took away from Florida State can’t erase the Seminoles’ place in history.

FSU had a number of role-players or guys buried in the depth chart hit the portal yesterday and the biggest one of them all was the man named Biscuit.

The Committee has lost all credibility and we’re not the only ones saying this:

Tom Fornelli ranked every bowl game including the Orange Bowl at No.3; the rest don’t matter because wins and losses apparently don’t matter.

Dearest reader, what we have here is the chance for a split national championship, something that was supposed to be eliminated when we created the College Football Playoff! Remember way back in the day when we had to get rid of the BCS because it sometimes left out an undefeated conference champion? Surely that would never happen with a playoff!

Seriously, this is a great chance for Florida State to shock the world, and if the Seminoles beat the Bulldogs, I guarantee they will claim a national title. Depending who wins the playoff, one of the human polls may agree. Still, it’s going to be tough because Georgia is still Georgia. The Dawgs have lost one game in the last three seasons. I doubt they plan to finish the season with a two-game losing streak.

But that’s enough whining from me; here’s something that did that matter that was awesome; Braden Fiske with the performance of the season:


Congratulations to FSU kicker commitment Jake Weinberg:


Jermaine Johnson had some strong words to say yesterday: