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Florida State of Recruiting: June 11 official visitor breakdown

The Seminoles continue a huge month for recruiting.

The month of June promises to be an eventful month for the Florida State Seminoles. Mike Norvell and his staff have prioritized June and July in each recruiting cycle and 2023 could be the most productive yet as the Seminoles look to add to their top 10 #Tribe24 recruiting class.

Here is a link to the NCAA’s 2022-2023 recruiting calendar. Recruiting is in a “Quiet Period” from June 1-25, meaning “it is permissible to make in-person recruiting contacts only on the member institution’s campus. No in-person, off-campus recruiting contacts or evaluations may be made during the quiet period.” Notably, however, FSU now has all of its 2023 summer enrollees on campus to help recruit.

The Three Stars are here to break down FSU’s anticipated official visitors each June weekend. We’ll analyze each visitor for the upcoming weekend and provide our confidence level for an eventual commitment from each prospect. FSU hosted six official visitors last weekend.

The weekend of June 9 is unique because FSU is holding an Elite Camp on Saturday stacked with talent from the next few recruiting cycles, so both official visitors will begin their campus visits on Sunday. Both official visitors are blue chip, in-state defensive backs. Let’s take a look at the visitors.

June 11 official visitors

4-star DB Jameer Grimsley

Grimsley plays for Tampa Catholic High and is ranked as the 230th best player in the nation (19th best CB, 37th best player in Florida). At 6’3”, 185 pounds, Grimsley is among the tallest defensive backs FSU is recruiting. Other schools see him as a WR but FSU likes him on defense.

Grimsley runs track and has a combination of length and speed that has programs drooling. Per his 247 evaluations, he posted times of 10.84, 10.96, 11.04, and 11.15 in the 100-meter dash. Grimsley ran a personal best 21.79 in the 200-meter dash, and also owns a personal-best 52.12 in the 400-meter dash to go along with a 13’9” effort in the long jump. His athleticism shows on offense, where he caught 25 balls and 3 touchdowns last year, as well as on defense.

Confidence level: Medium. DB coach Patrick Surtain has done an excellent job positioning FSU with Grimsley, with an assist from DC Adam Fuller. FSU will get the third OV from Grimsley, following the North Carolina Tar Heels and Penn State Nittany Lions while followed by the Alabama Crimson Tide and Michigan Wolverines. I think Grimsley is a higher priority for FSU than he is for Michigan or Bama, but Penn State is a big threat and the Seminoles will have to absolutely crush it on this OV to withstand the other programs. If they go all-out for Grimsley, I think FSU can eventually get him in the fold (and I’d love to see it- he can become a stud).

4-star DB Cai Bates

Considered the 223rd best player in the nation (17th best CB, 32nd best player in Florida), Bates stars for Edgewater High in Orlando. The 6’1”, 180 pound Bates plays both ways and recorded 17 catches on offense and 4 INTs and 7 passes defensed in only 2 games, including an insane single playoff game performance of 3 INTs and 5 PBUs.

Bates has long arms and though he is extremely raw from a technical standpoint at the defensive back position, all of the physical traits and athleticism are there for him to develop into a starter at the P5 level. He also plays basketball and runs track.

Confidence level: Low. Bates was born in Alabama and loved the Tide growing up. Bama vaulted to the top of his list when they offered a few months ago, and by all accounts Bates loved his official visit to Tuscaloosa last weekend. If Saban prioritizes Bates, I don’t think any other school can overcome the Tide. The Ohio State Buckeyes, Tennessee Volunteers and LSU Tigers are also threats here.