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Florida State football, recruiting news: How many spots will FSU move up in top 25?

After the most impressive result of the weekend FSU is likely to leap into the top 5.

Charles Mays-Tomahawknation


When the polls come out today Florida State football should leap into the top five, but where would you rank the Seminoles?

Here are some projected rankings in the AP Poll:

Talking about the ‘Noles; when you put 45 on LSU it’s no secret that everyone is going to be talking about what you did.

This game was extremely important for the Noles because LSU was one of only two projected top-20 opponents on the schedule. But now that they’ve won ... LSU was one of only two projected top-20 opponents on the schedule! It might turn out that Miami is better than expected (more on the Hurricanes in a bit), but as things currently stand, Clemson is the only sure(ish) thing remaining on the schedule. If the Noles split a pair of games against the Tigers — at Clemson in Week 4, then in a hypothetical ACC championship on Dec. 2 — they are going to be in great playoff shape. More specifically, if they bottle up that second-half performance and divvy it out for the next three months, they will absolutely be in the playoff.

FSU-LSU was easily the most watched game of kickoff weekend.

This team is going to hurt some feelings:

Could we see these new uniforms on the field soon? I like them.

What do the analytics have to say about an offensive line that didn’t allow their quarterback to be sacked? Some expectedly good things.

As we turn the page to the Golden Eagles; the cinematic recaps are back and better than ever:


Do you think Florida State’s five-star commitments liked what they saw?

Over sixty blue-chip recruits were on hand to watch FSU throttle a top ten opponent in Orlando.

Exciting times are ahead in Tallahassee:

Other Sports:

Soccer travels to Jacksonville on Thursday for match-up with North Florida:

Tyler Weaver is off to a good start:

FSU took care of Samford in three sets: