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Seminole Wrap: Jacksonville State breakdown, 2022 recruiting

Let’s take a look at the Gamecocks.

Seminole Wrap logo Murphy Jones/Tomahawk Nation

Florida State Seminoles football is facing off against Jacksonville State on Saturday — looking for its first win of the season.

The fact that that sentence can be typed reflects deeper issues than a simple eye-test reveals, and we’ve spent the last few days on Tomahawk Nation looking into that — and breaking down how FSU can move forward, and what success can look like in different ways.

Today, we talk a bit of that with CoachAB, but mainly, he’s here to kick some football knowledge on the Gamecocks after studying some of their film. What does Jacksonville State do well on each side of the ball? Who are the playmakers, and where can FSU find some opportunities to execute?

After that, Josh Pick joins us for the second half of his class of 2022 breakdown, talking the names to know in the class and his expectations for each of them. And then Perry’s at the end, for like, no reason.

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