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Florida State football, recruiting news: FSU opens as an underdog vs. Louisville

FSU must turn the page to Louisville.

Florida State v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images


FSU is a six point underdog to Louisville; a team desperate for a win coming off four straight losses.

FSU has beaten Louisville two straight times.

The offensive and defensive observations feature a lot of good; not a surprise from FSU’s best game of the season.

The goal is to get 1% better every day and FSU players are starting to realize their potential.

When FSU faces NC State this year they’ll be facing Bailey Hockman:

Looks like it’s only a matter of time before Alabama vs. Clemson V.

Jarvis Brownlee played very well on Saturday; focus in the classroom translates to focus on the field:


That game can go a long way towards helping FSU find some recruits that want to be a part of the CLIMB.

Other Sports:

It was a high scoring affair in the victory over 11th-ranked Virginia.


Kevin Cash is four games away from a world championship.

Dalvin Cook missed yesterday’s game with a groin injury.

What’s cooler than being an All-American at FSU before becoming a professional baseball player? Watching your baby brother lead FSU to a victory over fifth-ranked UNC: