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Florida State football, recruiting news: Avoid Asante Samuel, Jr. at all costs

The junior DB has been the lone bright spot on FSU’s defense


If FSU can solve its issues at the boundary it will have a decent secondary on its hands because Asante Samuel, Jr. has been lockdown:

What do the analytics say about FSU’s 0-2 record?

You’re going to need an internet connection to watch FSU vs. Jacksonville State.

It’s going to take a while to rebuild FSU’s floor; attrition and busts have decimated this roster.

That being said FSU’s defense can still perform at a much better level than what they’ve shown so far.

When FSU is down folks love to pour it on.

The SEC features two top 15 match-ups this weekend; the Saturday of football we’ve all been looking for.


FSU has offered Zereoue Williams; a 6’8 248lb offensive tackle:

This edition of the Seminole Wrap features a very extensive recruiting update.

Other Sports:

I’m starting to think that there’s nothing Leonard Hamilton can’t do:

FSU is going to have a lot of good options at the catcher position when they return to the diamond.


Timmy Jernigan didn’t have to wait long to find a home with the Broncos; hopefully something similar happens for Rick Leonard:

Vince Williams has partnered with the Education Partnership to provide over 1000 laptops to families, specifically kids that need them during pandemic: