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Florida State football, recruiting news: FSU travels to Louisville

FSU has beaten Louisville two straight times, will they make it three?

Don Juan Moore


Florida State football might be dealing with its biggest test of the season; handling success.

The analytics say that these are two teams that match-up fairly well but what does the tape say?

The public is pounding the line hard for FSU; Louisville opened as a nine-point favorite which has now dropped to five.

Big Ten football is back this weekend; are you excited? Noon naps just aren’t the same without Wisconsin vs. Illinois in the background.

LSU Football might be in big trouble.

There might be a Thorpe Award in Asante Samuel Jr.’s future if he keeps going at this rate:


FSU is dipping into Texas again for offensive line help.

Happy Birthday QB1:

247 updated its 2022 Rankings. FSU commitment Travis Hunter checks in at #7 overall and legacy DE Marvin Jones, Jr. is up to 21st overall; it could be a special class for FSU.

Other Sports:

The New Bloods will be back on the court soon:

The best offense in the country resides in Tallahassee: