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Florida State football, recruiting news: A much needed bye week for FSU

FSU has two weeks to get ready for Pittsburgh.

Don Juan Moore


FSU enters the bye week licking its wounds from the trip to Louisville.

The players spoke to the media game after and Emmett Rice made it a point to say you can’t play winning football when you’re free-styling instead of doing your assignment.

Too many missed throws and dropped balls vs. Louisville to get it done while at one point Louisville was averaging 12 yards per carry.

Study it, learn from it, and then burn that tape.

Bowl projections are here; it could be a repeat of history in which a first-year FSU coach faces the Gamecocks in a bowl game.

Six games into the season two big recent data points; analytics have now given us a clear picture of what this team is since the QB switch.


Four-star defensive end commitment Shambre Jackson shows impressive get-off in these highlights.

A pick-six for the next member of #DBU:

Other Sports:

Clara Robbins was named Co-ACC player of the week.

Happy Birthday Nate:

The best home-winning streak in the ACC belongs to Florida State:


Charlie Ward dropped some words of wisdoms:

Brian Burns’ game is about to ascent to the stratosphere: