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Florida State football, recruiting news: Podcast, video series and mailbag

Podcasts are like articles for your ears

NCAA Basketball: Louisville at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports


FSU might be struggling on the grid iron but Tomahawk Nation is just hitting its stride in giving you the most comprehensive Florida State Seminoles football coverage. The latest in our multimedia offerings: the boys over at the Triple Option discuss the Louisville game.

It’s two weeks away but the game time for the Florida State vs. Pittsburgh Panthers game has been set.

Shade Tree has some concerns:

You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers (eventually, promise).


Florida State target Terrion Arnold is ready to trim his a month


Brian Burns works hard and people are taking notice:

Other Sports:

Michael and Matt are joined by Tomahawk alum and radio personality Ariya Massoudi to talk about a sport FSU is good at. Positivity!

Seems good, right?

Florida State University Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Lea Nienhaus and former FSU postdoctoral researcher Sarah Wieghold are helping to understand the fundamental processes in improving the potential of perovskites, a material with a crystal structure based on positively charged lead ions known as cations and negatively charged halide anions. In a cubic perovskite crystal structure, the octahedra formed by the lead and halide ions are surrounded by additional positively charged cations.