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Three (over)reactions: Boots on the ground

A chip off the ole block.

Originally published Nov. 2020

Legacy prospects are players that programs typically covet. Lamont Green Jr. is a 2023 legacy Seminole out of Miami, and the son of former Florida State linebacker Lamont Green. “Boots” as he’s known in the recruiting world is a future high 4-star or 5-star weakside defensive end recruit. At this point, Boots has a number of offers from southern powerhouses including FSU. Recently, his father shared his highlight film, so we decided to take the opportunity to (over)react to it.


First Step Explosiveness

One trait you want to find from a rush end is an explosive first step. A player must be able to gain an upfield advantage on the offensive tackle for leverage. The leverage gained by an explosive first step helps set up other moves and makes an offensive tackle defensive. You see (in the video below) the amount of ground Boots gains with his first step (looks to be about two yards at first glance). That’s a serious immediate advantage for a defensive end. The amount of ground he gains, and the speed at which he’s able to do it suggest a high upside as a pass rusher:

Developing Power

“Boots” checks in at 6’4 220 pounds, so he has a way to go weight wise, but he still possesses power. What you like to see is flashes of power from a sophomore high school prospect. Boots definitely gives you glimpses of power and ability to bull rush and anchor against the run. Much of football is leverage, and Boots is able to bend and play through his hips to be in good leverage positions:


Once a player is able to get upfield, he must be able to get around an offensive tackle. In the football world, it’s referred to as bending or dipping, and “Boots” shows that off throughout his highlight tape—watch him lean and dip around this offensive tackle. This portends well for Junior’s ability to develop into a high-level pass rusher:

When I watch Lamont Green, Jr., I see Brian Burns. The body composition, the lean frame, and the explosiveness. Boots has the potential to be a player who could change the future of Florida State football. Will he accept that challenge?

2/19/21 AM UPDATE:

Lamont Green Jr. committed to Florida State Friday morning: