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Noles News: Dan Mullen’s Thanksgiving plate makes him a sociopath

Plus, a little matchup history between FSU and UVA

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 30 Orange Bowl - Florida v Virginia Photo by Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

First things first, time to give thanks — this year, I’m thankful that:

1) FSU can officially say that both Florida and Clemson ducked the Seminoles this year

2) I haven’t had to drive back and forth from St. Petersburg to Tallahassee to cover the program

3) Uber Eats has gotten a much, much better selection of food since March

4) My dog has learned not to jam his head through the blinds into the window every time I leave the house — though, only because there are no more blinds there anymore because he broke them

5) People much smarter than me have helped turn this site into what Tomahawk Nation always should be

6) Frank hasn’t realized that the blog he’s been writing on this whole time has just been a Word document I opened on his computer

7) Mike Norvell hasn’t removed me from the roster for constantly being an idiot and forgetting how to use the English language in press conferences

8) The entire readership of this site didn’t instantly blacklist it when I took over

9) When I have nightmares about forgetting to study for a final years after graduating, I get a sigh of relief and drift back to sleep knowing I already forgot to study for all my finals and still managed to get a degree

10) The 2020 football season — and 2020 in general — will one day be over


Marvin Jones Jr., otherwise known as Shade Bush (Shrub? Sprout? Apple Never Falls Far from?), is a big Florida State target for a hilarious amount of obvious reasons — here’s him giving praise to a former Seminole in Brian Burns:

Want to catch up on all the latest Florida State football recruiting news, offers and prospects? Our recruiting team has your back in our FSU recruiting thread.


We spoke with head coach Mike Norvell, quarterback Jordan Travis and linebacker Emmett Rice yesterday as part of Wednesday’s media availability.

Was Dunn in? I have no idea, because I was 7 months old, but Austin Cox presents the argument in his latest Matchup History piece breaking down the series vs. the Virginia Cavaliers.

I say this as somebody who has notoriously eaten questionable pairings of food — Dan Mullen is an absolute sociopath for this, I am concerned for the safety of his team and am now thinking it was him who started those fires over the summer in Gainesville:

I want to be high school relations coordinator Carlos Locklyn’s friend — or son — so badly:

If you still feel like getting annoyed about Dabo Swinney being a big ol’ stinky nerd baby, boy oh boy did Brian Cocolicchio write the Fanpost for you.

Good on James Wilder Jr. for hopping into the coaching game full throttle:

Speaking of Wilder, here’s some Story Time with Jimbo that includes a tidbit about the running back breaking his ribs in the midst of a 30+ goal line play series in practice (trigger warning: sadness, pain, nostalgia but the bad kind):


Freshman Scottie Barnes is the highest-ever ranked recruit to come in under Leonard Hamilton (you can read more about Barnes here in our preview from Michael Rogner):

Are you a Florida State football fan that wants to like FSU hoops, but don’t know where to start? Kevin Little (XsandNoles) has your back.

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An update I know you all were clamoring for: FSU’s Esports team brought home the Level Next Fall Champions Series, taking down Syracuse: