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Florida State football: OFFICIAL Tribe 21 Recruiting Thread #15, ESP Edition!

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Syracuse v Florida State Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

The Early Signing Period is finally upon us! Welcome to the 15th edition of the ongoing 2021 recruiting discussion! Florida State currently has 17 commits with the most recent commitments coming from 3-star DE George Wilson Jr in a nice ESP victory over Auburn and UNC, and a reunion with 4-star WR Malik McClain, putting a damper on Lane Kiffin’s Flipmas festivities. With one more game left on the schedule for the ‘Noles (for now at least), we will do our best to keep you updated on who will sign early, who will wait, and how the 2021 recruiting class will take shape.

Who will be the next to commit? As always, head below or to the comment section to keep up to date on the latest Florida State Seminoles football recruiting news, and be sure to post any questions, mocks, or comments you have.

Florida State Recruiting Class of 2021

(click on names for links to articles)

Class of 2021 football recruits

WIDE RECEIVER - 3 star Joshua Burrell - SIGNED 12/16

WIDE RECEIVER - 4 star Malik McClain - SIGNED 12/18

TIGHT END - 3 star Jackson West - SIGNED 12/16

TIGHT END - 3 star Koby Gross - SIGNED 12/16

OFFENSIVE LINEMAN - 3 star Bryson Estes - SIGNED 12/16

OFFENSIVE LINEMAN - 4 star Rod Orr - SIGNED 12/16

DEFENSIVE LINEMAN - 3 star George Wilson, Jr. - SIGNED 12/16

DEFENSIVE LINEMAN - 4 star Shambre Jackson - SIGNED 12/16

DEFENSIVE LINEMAN - 3 star Byron Turner, Jr. - SIGNED 12/16

DEFENSIVE LINEMAN- 3 star Joshua Farmer - SIGNED 12/16


LINEBACKER - 3 star Jordan Eubanks - SIGNED 12/16

LINEBACKER/DEFENSIVE BACK - 3 star Shyheim Brown - SIGNED 12/16

DEFENSIVE BACK - 4 star Hunter Washington - SIGNED 12/16

DEFENSIVE BACK - 3 star Kevin Knowles II - SIGNED 12/16

DEFENSIVE BACK - 4 star Omarion Cooper - SIGNED 12/16

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State of Recruiting position group overviews from summer:

Overall State of Recruiting, Summer 2020


Running Backs

Wide Receivers

Tight Ends

Offensive Guards and Centers

Offensive Tackles

Defensive Tackles

Defensive Ends




Scouting Reports:

Malik McClain

Pat Payton

Shyheim Brown

Shambre Jackson

Hunter Washington

Kevin Knowles II

Joshua Burrell

Jordan Eubanks

Jackson West

Omarion Cooper

Bryson Estes

Byron Turner, Jr

Kimo Makaneole

Rod Orr