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Offensive lineman Bryson Estes signs with Florida State

Restocking the trenches.

Long-time Florida State commit Bryson Estes made it official early Wednesday afternoon when he signed with the Seminoles:

Estes, a 6’3 291 pound offensive lineman from Eagles Landing Christian Academy (ELCA) in Georgia has an 87 rating (high 3-star) from the 247 Sports Composite List. He’s their 572nd best player (9th best center and 48th best player in GA).

He chose FSU in early June for a variety of reasons, including proximity, playing time, and his family’s relationship with the coaching staff after visiting in March:

“I first met with Coach Norvell for about 15 minutes. We spoke about my goals and what I’m looking for in a school. I then met with Coach Atkins. We talked about his coaching style and what he expects out of me. We didn’t watch any film, but talked about technique and my learning style.”

What’d you tell Coach Norvell when he asked that? What are your goals and what are you looking for in a school?

“Coach Norvell talked about his coaching style and what he thinks is a successful career. I said ‘I’m looking for a school that feels like home where I have the opportunity to compete for playing time early.’”

Do you feel you have that opportunity for early playing time at FSU?

“I think if given the opportunity and putting the work in, I’d have an opportunity for PT.”

Did FSU feel like home?

“Yes, it definitely did. I have family in south Georgia that’s close to Tally.”

What specific position on the OL do the coaches see you playing?

“Definitely center, but they said I have the length to play guard, also. I personally think I can play any position on the O-Line.”

Do you have a preference?

“No sir. Just wanna go where I can be on the field.”

Coach AB and (Uncle) Rico(bert) gave their thoughts on Estes when scouting his game this summer:

Get 16 guys on your OL roster like this, and you’ll make any offense look top-notch.

He has the frame to add a healthy 20 pounds easily and also possesses the ability to play tackle at the next level. You worry about him being outmatched early in his career by pass-rushing specialists, but that’s not a knock on him as much as it’s about the disparity in athleticism between edge rushers and EOL blockers.

Anyone will tell you aggression is an important trait in a football player. I see that in Estes, but he also controls himself. Some linemen overextend themselves in reaching a block, but good coaches will refine that by teaching a guy how to get back over top his base quickly. You do this by getting to your guy and setting your feet (allowing the upper body to follow and provide the correct blocking angle).

This occurs while staying within the framework of your body. When an offensive linemen over extends, his base gets too wide, or he reaches and ends up getting beat, but Estes has shown the ability to work well within his box. This is also an important trait in pass protection. Controlled aggression is something you love in offensive linemen: