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Backyard Breakdown: ’Noles National Signing Day announcements are a creative hit

The Florida State football social media team is good now????

The Florida State Seminoles football social media team has had a checkered past to say the least:

I’m sorry you had to see this again

So, even though that department has been revamped under the new coaching staff, fans were understandably hesitant when the team dropped a series of teaser videos for this year’s Early Signing Period graphics.

But, the day has started, and the graphics are a hit!

The recruits like them, and the national media has even taken notice.

For example, ESPN decided to showcase FSU’s theme on its Signing Day Tracker.

Heck, they even got a shoutout from “The Arbiter of Cool” Darren Rovell:

FSU’s signees are shown with former Seminole standouts, but who is everybody? The graphic changes a bit for every signee, so we’ll use McKenzie Milton’s graphic posted below.

Starting from left to right:

Back Row - Chris Weinke, Marvin Jones, Burt Reynolds, Walter Jones, Charlie Ward, Anquan Boldin, and Jake Owen.

Middle Row - Rodney Hudson, Warrick Dunn, Derwin James, Deion Sanders, Sam Cassell, and Ron Simmons.

Front Row - Buster Posey, Dalvin Cook, Jalen Ramsey, McKenzie Milton, Jameis Winston, Derrick Brooks, and Brian Burns.

Those announcements were fun, well-made, and showed an impressive attention to detail.

Don’t believe me? (I wouldn’t either)

Let me direct you to the graphic for Florida State football legend Ron Simmons:

Hang this in The Louvre

Not only was deciding to recognize “The Greatest Pro Wrestler-Football Player in Big 3 History” a great move, they gave Mr. Simmons all the necessary accoutrements.

The menacing scowl, the intimidating eyebrow angles, and the t-shirt adorned with his popular WWE catchphrase are all great and accurate touches.

But, let me direct you to the belt:

Allow me to get nerdy stretches hands in preparation

That is not just any professional wrestling championship belt, my friends.

No, no, no.

That’s an exact replica of the WCW Heavyweight Championship Belt Ron Simmons won in 1992.

That’s an organization specific, historically accurate, and chronologically correct touch of detail....FOR 1 CHARACTER IN YOUR MULTI-PLAYER RECRUITING GRAPHIC.

FSU’s social media team scored a huge win today, and I love it.

A massive W