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Mike Norvell discusses Florida State’s Early Signees

FSU head coach breaks down newest crop of Seminoles

Don Juan Moore/Character Lines

On Wednesday, the annual early signing period began and Florida State brought in a haul of new recruits. So far, 16 players have officially signed with the Seminoles as part of the 2021 football recruiting class.

This afternoon, FSU head coach Mike Norvell will join the media to discuss the newest crop of Florida State football players. Here is what he had to say:

“Definitely excited about some of the additions to next years football team. Excited about the 16 guys that we were able to sign today. Definitely filling needs that we have.”

On the defensive line recruits: “That’s one of the true bright spots of this year’s class. Guys that are versatile. All guys that provide pass rush capabilities. Big focus for us. All five of them have played at them end position…Addressed a major need that we had.”

On interior defensive line: “We want to be fast, we want to be explosive. We could absolutely take a guy that is just an interior player. On the flipside we have some guys already on the roster that could have the capability.”

On the recruiting during the pandemic: “It is always tough when you don’t get to see more face to face in person evaluations…We want the biggest strongest fastest football players we can get but we want the right mentality…To be willing to work to become great. Obviously the relationships are important. That is where we hit a home run with this class. We have a great group of young men that we are bringing into this program.”

On George Wilson: “He was a young man that he had a lot of information on, early spring early summer. Loved his film. His junior year was a dynamic pass rusher. Tough this year not being able to play his senior year. He was looking for the right fit…George is a young man who relationships are critical to him. So excited about what he is going to bring.”

On Pat Payton: “When we got here, so excited about him. Offered him within the first couple weeks that I got the job…Patrick I think has all the upside in the world. He is a driven hard worker…Every game that he played he made an instant impact.”

On early playing time for recruits: “These guys are competitors. They want to make an early impact. We are one of the youngest teams in all of college football. These guys, they see what it is in front of them…We are going to give them every opportunity.”

On Rod Orr: “I think Rod was one of the stars of this class. You look at his length athleticism. I thought this year was one of the best tackle prospects of anyone I saw. I think he’ll have a chance to come in and make an early impact. I think when you look at Rod the athleticism and length that he provides, he will have a chance to play early.”

On Josh Farmer: “Its huge. He was actually the first member to commit to us in this class…Just seeing his work ethic his desire to be great. In his physical development, he has great growth potential in his body and frame…Coached by Seminole great Corey Fuller…So excited to have him as a part of this family.”

On future plans: “We will probably look to sign I would say three more receivers potentially. We’ve got a couple things we are excited about for the February period as well. We are excited about potential options there on the offensive line. We are handling this new age of recruiting very well I think.”

Below is a complete list of the prospects who have signed so far:

UCF graduate transfer quarterback McKenzie Milton: Signed

Three-star linebacker/defensive back Shyheim Brown: Signed

Three-star defensive back Kevin Knowles II: Signed

Three-star tight end star Koby Gross: Signed

Four-star defensive end/linebacker Pat Payton: Signed

Three-star linebacker Jordan Eubanks: Signed

Four-star defensive back Hunter Washington: Signed

Four-star offensive lineman Rod Orr: Signed

Three-star wide receiver Joshua Burrell: Signed

Three-star defensive lineman Byron Turner, Jr.: Signed

Four-star defensive back Omarion Cooper: Signed

Three-star tight end Jackson West: Signed

Three-star offensive lineman Bryson Estes: Signed

Four-star defensive lineman Shambre Jackson: Signed

Four-star defensive lineman George Wilson: Signed

Three-star defensive end Joshua Farmer: Signed