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What does Jermaine Johnson bring to FSU?

What does the UGA transfer bring as a pass rusher?

Georgia Bulldogs outside linebacker/defensive end transfer Jermaine Johnson chose Mike Norvell’s Florida State Seminoles football program as his new destination early Saturday afternoon, giving the Seminoles a potential massive boost on the defensive side of the ball:

There was a need for Norvell and co. to land an impact pass rusher and they got just that. The roster was sorely lacking speed and power at the DE position. Let’s take a closer look at Johnson’s ability as a pass rusher.

Scouting Report

Speed to Power

The truly good pass rushers can transition from speed to power. That means they can be mid rush and switch tactics from a speed move to a power move. Look at Johnson in the following clip as he starts up the field and changes course into a power move. This is what it takes to win against top flight offensive linemen. He also shows the ability to do it lined up over guards.

This move-counter move ability is exactly what the doctor ordered at the end position. I expect Johnson to line up at Fox and be a pass rusher from the boundary side.

Edge quickness

Explosiveness off the edge is a must for top notch edge rushers. Johnson has it in leaps and bounds. His first step is good enough and it puts him in position to rip/swim around a tackle or rip/swim/spin back inside. Johnson stays low out of his stance and forced tackles to get depth in their drop which helps him set up his counters. Quick hands just finish the rush off and get Johnson to the QB.

A Weapon

Defensive coordinators spend hours trying to find pass rush mismatches. Johnson shows he can line up all over the defensive front to rush the passer. This versatility makes the FSU defense better right away.

The play itself is nice because Johnson fights through two blockers and gets home. Johnson proves to be to quick for the guard and and loops outside beating a lunging tackle. The explosiveness to finish is exciting to see also.