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Seminole Wrap: Talking FSU’s moves in the transfer portal with Trey Rowland

Seminole Wrap boys back again, doing a little discussing. Transfer portal going off, not too hard, not too soft.

Seminole Wrap logo Murphy Jones/Tomahawk Nation

Florida State has been busy on the recruiting trail, adding three former SEC starter in just the last weekend. Overall, Mike Norvell and staff have been active in replacing talent lost to both the draft and the portal, bringing in a multitude of players who are expected to, at the very least, contribute and at the most, help turn around FSU as Norvell intends.

Jermaine Johnson, Jarques McClellion, Jammie Robinson, D.J. Williams, Keir Thomas and Andrew Parchment have all signed up to head to Tallahassee in the last few weeks — an almost immediate solution to departures and arguably, an upgrade for the players they’re intended to replace.

What does this mean for FSU’s record in 2021 — should we adjust expectations, since the highlighted holes and issues are getting fixed, or is this part of the process and status quo? How can this play into 2022 recruiting — which saw its own new commitment over the weekend in receiver Quincy McAdoo? What other names can you expect to see Florida State target and take over the next few weeks — and how many will they take?

Trey Rowland joins Tim Scribble and Perry Kostidakis to break down the latest moves from the Seminoles on this week’s Seminole Wrap.

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